5 Spring Fashion Trends to Look Forward to

Springtime Fashion

Springtime is officially here. As we welcome in warmer weather, many of us have already begun to switch out our heavier winter gear for floral patterned breathable fabrics. While you may be excited to pull out some of the pieces you packed away in the colder months, springtime blooms an opportunity for you to try something new. Whether you are looking to pick up the perfect skirt for dinner with friends, or a top to wear in the wedding season, there are a few things you may want to consider. We have compiled a list of tips to help you express your style and fashion this spring. 

Mix a Variety of Prints 

Do not be afraid to mix it up. Whether you choose to match a polka dot shirt with a striped skirt or a floral shirt with polka dot jeans, the choice is truly yours. When mixing patterns consider a common element shared by the articles of clothing you will wear. For example, when mixing prints follow the black and white scheme and select articles that align with it. While mixing prints may sound difficult, it can be a very appealing look for the springtime. 

Try New Patterns 

As springtime blooms new opportunity, it is the perfect time to switch things up in your closet. In addition to mixing prints, you may also want to consider trying new patterns. Is there a look you have been daring yourself to try for years? Whether you are looking for dots, stripes, or floral pieces, springtime is the perfect time for you to add a few new pieces to your collection.

Breathable Fabrics

Although spring is not the hottest season of the year, it is warm enough to start filling your closet with breathable fabrics to keep you cool throughout the day. Consider purchasing a few linen pieces as they are perfect for the springtime. Linen fabric is completely breathable as it is made of natural fiber and a light weave. 

Layer Up Lightly

As previously noted, springtime is not the hottest season of the year. While it may be warm enough to pull out your shorts and summer wear, it is still recommended that you layer up. You can use a cargo jacket or a transitional sweater to complete your look. With the right layers, you can add a little depth to your outfit. 

Showcase your Shoes

Springtime is also perfect to update and showcase your footwear. The rising temperature presents an opportunity to slip your toes into something new. Whether you are trying a new splash of color or a new style, a new pair of shoes can be the perfect item to add to your spring collection. 
Go Bold

In addition to being a great source of vitamin D, springtime’s warmer weather also provides an opportunity for you to show some skin. Springtime is the perfect time for shorts, skirts, and dainty tops. Do not be afraid to let your skin breath this spring. You can also select items in bold colors, such as red. These bright pieces are sure to make a statement. 

Update Your Accessories 

Nothing completes an outfit more than a few accessories. Make sure your spring look is complete with a few pieces of jewelry to showcase your sense of fashion. Whether you are looking for a purse to wear on special occasions or earrings for the perfect date, accessories can substantially improve an outfit.

As the seasons are changing back to warmer weathers, it is time to consider whether your wardrobe will change with it.