Mom Style

What is Mom Style you ask? I would describe it as an outfit that allows you to feel pulled together while crawling on hands a knees looking for the pacifier that just fell under the table. Its when we change from Pajamas and get ourselves together for the day. Putting on an outfit that makes you say,

Monday lets do this!

I like to think of Mom Style as being flexible. Allowing you to move through the day from bouncing from client to lunch to home for afternoon play dates or gymnastics. Some of my favorite pieces from the Lauren Gabrielson Collection are the Hearts Full Custom Bomber Jacket, The Wide Leg Pant, The Berlin Jumpsuit, The Lora Blouse and the Bodysuit.

The Hearts Full Custom Bomber Jacket- Every Mom needs this jacket. Customize with your kids names on the back for a special pieces that is fashionable, the perfect layer and unique to you!

The Wide Leg Pant-I couldn’t love these more! These pants flatter and fit so well. With a fixed waistband in the front and elastic in the back they are so easy on and the fit is perfect. I personally love to wear them with the wide leg pant for an almost jumpsuit look.

The Berlin Jumpsuit-This has been my go to piece in summer and in fall. It is the easiest thing to wear and made from a ponte knit fabric that stretches and moves. Perfect for the playground.

The Lora Blouse-First Off, This fabric is amazing. It can be washed and the way it hangs is oh so nice. It is the same fabric as the Bomber Jacket and I get so many compliments on this. With the elastic waist, the blouse looks like it is tucked in and stays put in the right place.

The Bodysuit-My Favorite piece to take into night. The bodysuit can be worn with jeans or with pants or a skirt. It drapes so nicely in the silk gorgette fabric and can be made date night sexy by just showing some clevage. Oh and it is also easy access for breast feeding or pumping.

I hope this helps with some Mom Style Questions!



Lauren Gabrielson