LG Travels-Tips and Tricks to traveling with a baby

I have been traveling with Hobey internationally since Hobey was 3 months old. We have been on over 30 flights together, not to mention 9 times out of 10 have been solo parenting.

I like to think of the travel day as a slow jog to the finish line. It starts when you get in the car or taxi to the airport followed by the wait time to board, the actual flight itself and the journey to your final destination. I’ve put together some tips that I have and hopefully they will help for you next journey by plane, train, boat etc...

1.) Organization is key. I pack everything in different bags. I started to do this with when I was breastfeeding and pumping. All of the pump and bottle parts should go in a plastic bag so that way when going through security, It’s all together and easy to pull out. Same goes with liquid snack pouches and milk or juice if your kid is older. I also use one makeup case to put toys in for hobey so that they are all in one spot and exciting for her to go through. Put diapers and wipes in their own bag so that each category has its own small bag that is easy for grabbing with one hand.

2.) Don’t let anyone rush you through the security line. I hate this so much, when people look at you like you are holding them up. If you have that annoying person behind you and you are finding yourself getting flustered. Stop, take a deep breath and say “ you’re welcome to go around me.” Then go about your business taking out your liquids and iPads, folding your stroller and taking off your shoes all while holding a small child. Insert middle finger here.

3.) Baby Duvet. My danish friend Gave me a small duvet that is common for danish babies to have. It’s like a small down comforter that can be used in so many ways. When they are really little, use it under them in their stroller. You can rock and hold them and even use it to cover up while breastfeeding. This thing is magic when you are holding your baby on a flight. It holds them better than just a blanket so they can snuggle and saves both of you from getting all sweaty. Hobey at 1 1/2 still sleeps with hers every time on the plane. It’s acts as a comfort item so that no matter what hotel crib they are sleeping in, they have that comfortable blanket with them. 

4.)Airport Lounge. If you are flying international and business class then you have access to the airlines lounge. If you’re not, some airlines allow you to purchase access to their lounge for the day. For me traveling alone, this gives me a place to keep Hobey contained with all of the conveniences of having food to feed them and a glass of wine or 2 for yourself. If you’re lucky, some of the lounges even have a kids playroom. 

5.)Stickers. Sticker books have been my savior for a busy child like mine on a flight. I load up on sticker activity books before we travel and she sits for hours. Age 1 year and older. 


Author: Lauren Gabrielson

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