Celebrating Family


One thing we all could use more of is bonding time with our families.  In our active and hectic lives, it almost seems indulgent to settle down on the couch for some touchy feely, just us three time.  Babies need lots of physical contact and attention for growth and happiness and by the way, so do adults.  My husband and I are made newly aware of this thanks to our daughter Hobey who brings us together for this special time on a daily basis.  To celebrate these moments of tangible love we reintroduce the Bedford Robe.   I change out of my hectic day attitude and slip into something comfortable and more snuggle worthy.  I don't want to miss one moment of this joy and my robe gets me in the perfect mood for hands on time with my family.   What's more luxurious than that?



Author: Lauren Gabrielson

Lauren Gabrielson is a New York Designer that specializes in developing custom pieces that fit any women’s lifestyle like a glove. With Brooklyn as her backyard, Lauren gains inspiration from the every-day women that she passes by in the city. Lauren Gabrielson is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to design clothes that brings elegance, grace and comfort to every wardrobe. Learn more about Lauren Gabrielson and shop the looks at www.LaurenGabrielson.com

Lauren Gabrielson