LG Travels-English Countryside

My Husband works in the Film Industry as an Assistant Director and in the past year and a half has been traveling quite a bit. The nice thing about working for myself is that it allows me to join him on his travels and see new and exciting places. 


At the moment he is working on a show for HBO called "Succession" and they are filming a scene in a big castle in the english countryside about 2.5 hours outside of London in a town called Malvern. Malvern, is what you would think when you think about the countryside. It is a charming little town with a main street or "High Street" that has coffee shops, a market and a few other little places. We are staying at the Abbey Hotel which is a picturesque old hotel with ivy growing on the outside. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite things that we have done while being here. 

  1. The Cotswolds. We took Hobey to a farm to see live sheep birthing. It was pretty incredible. She also got to hold chicks and bunnies and see all the farm animals that were wondering about.

  2. The Nags Head. We love a good beer, fish and chips. I suggest going for the local pub. We've been to a few in Malvern; The Nags Head and The Red Lion. Here, the "fries," are called "chips" and the "potato chips" are called "crisps." On Sunday's they do a traditional Sunday Roast which is a beautiful way to spend a Sunday eating a delicious plate of roasted meats, vegetables and sticky toffee pudding.

  3. The Malvern Spa. Malvern is know for its healing properties with water. The Malvern Hills were once a place where people would come to be healed of illness. The Malvern Spa is a wonderful place to go for a nice massage and steam.

  4. Verzon House. In the neighboring town of Ledbury, there is a hotel and restaurant that is on a potato farm. The owner has a famous brand of crisps and with all of the excess of potatoes, started a Gin company. We had a lovely dinner here and tasted many different Gins.

  5. Malvern Jewellery. This shop was a lovely find. They have antique jewelry, fine china and crystal. I went in to have a look as I love a good relic and walked out with a 18 carat gold signat ring that made me so happy. Signat rings are a traditional English thing and the one I've found has the right tones of gold and blush.

Now I am off to London for a day trip via the train. I will write a blog of my top London finds on the next post! 




Author: Lauren Gabrielson

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