Fall 2018

Fall 2018 finds me returning to Brooklyn after my long visit to Budapest Hungry with my family. It’s good to be home!This season I’ve transformed colors from the backdrop of the streets of Budapest into a collection of feminine lines and fabrics.   The pieces have a softness to them that are in contrast to the majestic and ornate stone and bronze buildings I strolled by each day. The coffee house culture there brings all types gathering together for pastries and lively conversation.   Dress to be seen is the theme of this collection.  Silk cami dresses, satin bomber jackets, butter soft leather coats, tunic dresses and more. As always, my pieces are creative takes on wardrobe basics that you can make your own.  I design them to be easy to wear so that looking chic while traveling the world is easy.   Try them out and see.  Effortless and chic.  Done.  XO LG

Author: Lauren Gabrielson

Lauren Gabrielson is a New York Designer that specializes in developing custom pieces that fit any women’s lifestyle like a glove. With Brooklyn as her backyard, Lauren gains inspiration from the every-day women that she passes by in the city. Lauren Gabrielson is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to design clothes that brings elegance, grace and comfort to every wardrobe. Learn more about Lauren Gabrielson and shop the looks at www.LaurenGabrielson.com

Lauren Gabrielson