Lauren Gabrielson launched in 2010 after working with many prominent names in the industry. The brand originally developed as a pop up shop in the summer of 2010 in the hamptons, quietly leading to a cult following of women in the know. Lovers of her collections prize the wearability of these classic garments carrying them through the working week and into the weekend.

Every season Lauren has expanded into new materials constantly improving on the variety of polished staples her team develop. Each piece is crafted in our Brooklyn Factory where we oversee everything from initial drawings, production and to final sales. Our goal is to craft clothing women feel confident in, safe in the knowledge that they've purchased sustainable locally produced garments. Lauren has been working with her team of expert seamstresses for the past 6 years.  Lauren's goal is to redefine the timeless personal pieces women treasure in their wardrobe season after season. 


"Functionality is my inspiration when it comes to my designs. I like to think about where my pieces will be worn during the design process, from a day at the office to a night out. Working from home while chasing after little ones, or putting on a blouse that makes you feel polished when you only have five minutes to get ready."

-Lauren Gabrielson